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whether it’s IRL or URL!


whether it’s IRL or URL!

smudg®, partners with beauty brands and retailers globally to deliver
hyper-personalised product  recommendations that boost
 customer stickiness and engagement.

beauty + science = smudg 

smudg ‘thinks’ like your brand’s domain expert or a personal sales assistant  helping your customers to discover and select the right products for their skin.

hop on our brand -wagon!

more happy
accuracy of smudg algorithm ensures your products find themselves in the right hands (and on the right faces). 
leverage smudg technology to gain  deeper insights, fuel product innovation, and save in customer outreach.
supercharge loyalty
personalized recommendations from your product inventory will drive customer engagement & stickiness.
outshine competition
personalization tech lies at the heart of modern shopping experiences. use smudg to gain insights and  foster product innovation.

why trust smudg?

built by beauty lovers for beauty lovers!

my roots lie in a genuine love for beauty and this love drives  my commitment to both beauty brands and shoppers. my algorithms are purpose-built for the beauty industry, trained exclusively on beauty product data and tailored to account over 13 skin parameters and 24 skin combinations.this expertise enables me to craft data-driven, personalised, and inclusive shopping experiences that leave a lasting impression for your customers.

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reach out!

my amazing-smudgtastic team will help you out! write to them at 

if all of that is too old school for you, you can also DM on instagram

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