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Smudg helps you get personalised and real answers to all your beauty (skincare & makeup) questions by connecting you directly to professional skin experts and makeup artists via 1:1 online video sessions called Smudg Sessions. 

Got questions about skincare or makeup? 

Ask us anything and get all answers!


Ask all your skincare questions directly to professional skin experts.

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Ask all your makeup questions directly to professional makeup artists.

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Smudg Sessions are your personal appointments with professional skin/ makeup experts called Smudg Experts.  Talking to our Smudg Experts is just like talking to a friend - it's effortless, comfortable, personal and so much fun!

 Whether you are a skincare fanatic, a makeup junkie or just a newbie, with Smudg, you will always get great personalized advice and exact product recommendations that work just for you


Need a remedy for dark circles? Or a perfect foundation shade? Want glowing skin? Whatever your beauty questions, our experts can answer. 

Just book a session with Smudg and ask away! #asksmudg

How we work?

Booking a Smudg Session is super easy. Just follow the steps below!

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  Smudg Sessions

Smudg sessions are your personal appointments with a professional skin expert or makeup artist. There's a Smudg Session for everyone. Pick the one that you like and come back for more!