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Smudg helps you get personalised and real answers to all your beauty (skincare & makeup) questions by connecting you directly to professional skin experts and makeup artists via 1:1 online video sessions called Smudg Sessions. 

Got questions about skincare or makeup? 

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Ask all your skincare questions directly to professional skin experts.

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Ask all your makeup questions directly to professional makeup artists.

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Smudg Sessions are your personal appointments with professional skin/ makeup experts called Smudg Experts.  Talking to our Smudg Experts is just like talking to a friend - it's effortless, comfortable, personal and so much fun!

 Whether you are a skincare fanatic, a makeup junkie or just a newbie, with Smudg, you will always get great personalized advice and exact product recommendations that work just for you


Need a remedy for dark circles? Or a perfect foundation shade? Want glowing skin? Whatever your beauty questions, our experts can answer. 

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  Smudg Sessions

Smudg sessions are your personal appointments with a professional skin expert or makeup artist. There's a Smudg Session for everyone. Pick the one that you like and come back for more!

  • Acne, dullness, or pores.Ask your question to get personalised advice!
    20 min
    399 Indian rupees
  • 3 steps to spa-like glowing skin, personalised for your skin type!
    20 min
    399 Indian rupees
  • Great natural remedies personalised for your skin and skin concerns!
    20 min
    399 Indian rupees

What they're saying!

Our clients love Smudg. Here's what they have to say.

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Gurpreet Kaur, Celebrity Stylist

I always have to look flawless in my line of work. The Smudg Session on Skintone and feature analysis really helped me  understand my correct skintone and undertone and taught me how to select the perfect foundation.  Highly recommended for anyone who wants to their skintone and find the right foundation shade!  


Shraddha Rao, IT Professional

I have open pores and just didn't know what to buy. I wanted workable solutions without having to spend a lot! The All things skin session really helped me. The skin expert was very knowledgable. She analysed my skin perfectly  and gave great personalised recommendations for my pores. My skin is already looking better!  Definitely signing up for my next smudg session !


Pooja Jathar, Graphic Designer

I am starting my first job and wanted an eyeliner that would last all day. I also have close-set eyes and struggle with the right application technique. In the eye tutorial, the artist recommended some great products for me and gave me tips on application for my eye shape. Now I love playing with my eyeliner looks everyday for work!

Smudg Sessions are personal, easy and so much fun!


No question is too small or too difficult for our #SmudgExperts. Our experts  will analyse your features, teach you techniques & recommend products that suit you! This is super personalised, super accurate beauty advice - delivered online to you!

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