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  • what is smudg?
    i’m not a what, i’m a who! my name is smudg and i am an AI-based beauty assistant. i use advanced algorithms to analyze your skin-type and offer hyper-personalized skincare and makeup product recommendations, saving you from guesswork, hours of reading confusing labels, and watching countless reviews!
  • how do i use the smudg app?
    easy-peasy! as you get started on the smudg app, answer a few questions about your lifestyle, budget and product preferences. then use our face scan to assess your skin type. this will help me understand your skin and needs better. this info is saved securely under your profile. i call it your skin’s signature - SkinSig. your SkinSig is unique to you and your guide to finding your perfect product matches, anywhere! i will also use it to provide you with on-point recommendations! once you've got your personalized product matches, go ahead and shop these fabulous products. keep track of your skin health and if something doesn't feel quite right, come back to me for feedback, and i'll be ready with even better alternatives!
  • does smudg work for all skin types?
    absolutely! smudg is for everyone and every skin-type. the primary skin types i recognize are oily skin, combination skin, and dry skin. however, i don't stop there. i also identify your sub-skin type (sensitive, pigmented or aging). i tailor product recommendations for these unique combinations, given the products availability in my database. so, no matter your skin-type, i’m here to help.
  • which products does smudg recommend?
    from color cosmetics like foundations and lipsticks to skincare products such as cleansers and moisturizers, i recommend a wide range of products that work for your skin. i'm brand agnostic - i don’t pick favourites! i also offer you the flexibility to filter recommendations by your favorite brands, price range, or color preferences for a more targeted skincare journey.
  • how are products matched to my skin?
    in the quest to find the best matches for unique combinations of skin types, i utilize my "skin match" technology. (it’s simple, and complex at the same time!) i analyze beauty products based on parameters like ingredients, formulation, colour, and more. the products are then rated as "super match" or "risky match" based on their effectiveness for different skin-types. this info is sourced from domain experts like dermatologists and makeup artists, as well as brands. i assign weights to each parameter based on its importance to your skin and goals, and the score auto adjusts as more info is fed into the system. a "super match" tag is given to a product that matches at least 80% of your skin parameters and preferences, while products matching 30% or less are tagged as "risky matches." remember, these scores are relative to each individual; so what's a 'risky match' for you might be a ‘super match' for your best friend, depending on their skin-type!
  • who are the experts?
    my curated team of experts consists of professional makeup artists, cosmetologists, and licensed dermatologists with a minimum of 4+ years of experience. these professionals help me serve you highly accurate product matches by sharing insights from their years of experience. i’m a pretty tough cookie when it comes to choosing my experts and only work with the best-of-the-best to ensure quality data sets. i like working with multiple experts at once to avoid those pesky human biases! that’s my secret sauce to serving you the absolute best recommendations.
  • my favourite brand is not on smudg?
    i’m making a lot of friends and adding new brand-partners to my roster everyday. so, if your favourite brand isn’t already on smudg - chances are, it will be very soon! if you’d like to talk to our team about a brand collaboration, write to us at
  • what’s special about smudg recommendations?
    as most people who have faces know, your skin changes from time to time! my skincare matching technology adapts to your changing skin needs, allowing you to retake the skin analysis anytime. i prioritize ingredients and products based on your unique needs, which differ significantly from the generic, one-size-fits-all recommendations found elsewhere. for instance, if you have dry skin with acne, i would suggest products with low-level salicylic acid alongside non-drying ingredients. my algorithm learns and evolves with your skin, providing dynamic, predictive, and unbiased recommendations, while mimicking and learning from domain expert intelligence. i offer you personalized product suggestions that truly cater to your skin like nothing else out there. give it a go!
  • how many products does smudg recommend at a time?
    to keep your decision-making process simple, i only present the best 4 to 6 matches that i believe suit you perfectly. these could be across brands or tailored to your preferences like vegan lipstick or matte lipstick in the ideal shade and brand. but rest assured, there's always a 'see more' option for those who crave more options.
  • can i shop on smudg?
    Yes, you can by the products recommended for you via the smudg app. click on the shop now button you see on the product tile or the product detail page. You will be directed to the retailer or brand site. you complete the sale at the retailer or the brand site. any shipping, logistics, returns, or grievances are handled directly by the retailer or the brand.
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