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User FAQs

Is Smudg free?

Signup is free on Smudg, but the sessions are a paid service. The prices are INR 399 for a 22 mins consultation and INR 799 for a 40 mins consultation.

Who are Smudg Experts?

Smudg Experts are professional makeup artists & skin experts with years of industry experience. Every Smudg Expert joining us, is carefully and individually vetted by our team, so we can provide only the best advice to you!

How do I book a session?

It's easy as 1,2,3! 1. Choose your session 2. Complete the signup form 3. Pay and confirm your session appointment. We accept credit/ debit cards and you can also pay via GPAY and PAYTM using WHATSAPP on 750-603-1000 Your Smudg Session is booked!

Will the Smudg expert see my personal contact information?

No. Your information is secure and confidential. Neither party sees the other’s private information, such as email or phone numbers.

What happens if I miss/ cancel my appointment?

Once you book a Smudg Session you have 24 hours before the session to cancel or reschedule it. If you miss your booked appointment and do not inform us in advance you will be charged the whole amount.

Do I need to prepare for my session?

If your selected session has any specific requiremnets those will be conveyed to you before booking the session.

What if the Smudg expert misses the appointment?

In the rare case if a Smudg Expert misses an appointment, you will be given an option to reschedule and you will not be charged for the appointment.

Do the Smudg Experts meet me personally?

No, you only get to talk to the expert online via a 1-1 video/ audio call. We keep organising workshops and seminars where artists can connect with our users personally. You can write to us at to get updates about our upcoming events post the lockdown.

Can I leave a session midway? Will I get half the money as refund?

Once a session is in progress, we strongly recommend that you complete the session. We do not do refunds.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

The customer has 24 hours before the booked session to inform us of any re-scheduling. You will have to choose from the available time slots to re-schedule your booking.

I don’t have the products that are mentioned for my session. What do I do?

Keep as much as you can ready. Some sessions like the application tutorials require that the users have products ready from their side. The more prepared you are for the session, the better the expert will be able to help you.

Do I need to download any special apps for the sessions?

No special apps are needed. All you need is a device (mobile, mac, laptop, tablet) and a good Wi-Fi connection. You will be given a ZOOM link before the session. Simply click on the link and join the session.

I am uncomfortable with a video call, can I talk with the expert on call instead?

If you are uncomfortable with a video call, you can talk to a Smudg expert on an audio call. We highly recommend that the user participate in a 1-1 video call, for the beauty expert to understand your facial characteristics and give accurate advice.

Do I need to send my pictures to you before my session?

No, we respect your privacy. We do not need your pictures, unless the session requires it and if requested by the Smudg Expert. You have the right to say no.

What is Smudg?

Smudg is a new-age, digital platform for makeup & beauty, powered by intelligent tech & human expertise. It provides interactive, personal, and remote 1-on-1 beauty consultations by connecting makeup users with professional makeup artists and skin experts.

What are Smudg Sessions?

Smudg Sessions are video or audio sessions that can range from 1-on-1 beauty advice, product recommendation videos to application tutorials to webinars related to makeup, skin care and beauty.

We often keep innovating and updating the topics based on what users like. Check out our current weekly sessions here

How long is each Smudg Session?

There are two types of sessions - 22 min sessions and 40 min sessions. See all our sessions here

Artist FAQs_About Smudg

What is Smudg?

Smudg is a new-age, digital platform that connects you to makeup and beauty lovers who are looking for personal and professional beauty advice. It provides interactive, personal, and remote 1-on-1 beauty consultations to beauty lovers by connecting them with beauty professionals.

What are the benefits of Smudg?

If you are a beauty professional, you can:
- Earn extra money without having to travel, or come in close contact with your customers.
- Do it all on your time, at your convenience.
- Get connected to users/ potential clients around the globe
- Build industry connections & brand collaborations
- It's free to join! You can start or stop anytime you want. No hard contracts, no obligations.

I have my own clients and my own work. How does this make sense for me?

When you collaborate with Smudg, we become a part of your team - a trusted colleague. You can leverage our huge community, our platform, our social media following to your advantage.

Think of Smudg as an exciting new side hustle. You can continue your work independently and also work with us! For every consultation via Smudg, we push majority of the revenue your way. That is money directly towards your bottom line, without any cost to you!

What can I do at Smudg?

Smudg connects you to makeup and beauty lovers who are looking for personal and professional beauty advice. As a beauty professional you can answer their questions, recommend products, teach them tricks & techniques, take tutorials or even conduct webinars and masterclasses…and get paid to do it!

You can also show case your work, host your coaching classes and connect with other professionals, collaborate with brands and reach out to hundreds of potential clients across the globe.

How do I sign up to be a Smudg Expert?

Please Fill out the Smudg Expert sign up form here

Or you can connect with us via whatsapp on 750-603-1000

Artist FAQs_Smudg Sessions

What are Smudg Sessions?

Smudg Sessions are video or audio sessions that can range from 1-on-1 beauty advice, product recommendation videos to application tutorials to webinars related to makeup, skin care and beauty.

The topic of teh sessions is driven by our users' needs. We often keep innovating and updating the topics based on what our members like.

How long is each Smudg Session?

Smudg Sessions are 22 mins or 40 mins in duration, depending on the type and the content.

Do I need to have experience to be a Smudg Expert ?

We prefer our Smudg Experts to have 2+ years of client experience, to be able to conduct Smudg Sessions.

However, we have many other opportunities for newcomers. If you are a fresher wanting to start, contact us at 750-603-1000 or

Can I take the Smudg Sessions on my time?

Yes ! You can work anytime you want- anywhere you want. Just let us know what days/ time slots work for you. Whatsapp us at 750-603-1000 or write to us at with your preferable day/time slots.

Can Smudg garauntee the no.of user signups for my session?

We have a growing community of makeup enthusiasts who are very interested in our sessions. While we cannot predict user behaviour or signups, we do our best in promoting you, your work and your session to get maximum users to signup.

How will you promote me?

We actively promote our Smudg Experts on our digital and social channels. Every week we give shoutouts and features on our social channels to all our associated experts and their work.

How can I help in promoting the sessions?

You can promote all your sessions within your network- on social and other channels. Smudg believes in working hand-in-hand with the experts to make each session a success. The more you promote, the more users will signup for your session and the more you will earn!

Artist FAQs_Income

How can I earn money on Smudg?

For every session you conduct via Smudg, you will get paid a percentage of the revenue from the session. The more Smudg Sessions you conduct, the more money you earn. We also have a Base Pay Bonus program where our experts stand to earn a base pay over and above the sessions' commission. Contact us on 750-603-1000 or on to know more.

How are Smudg sessions priced?

Our sessions are priced based on the time duration and type of each session. Currently we have:

22 min sessions are priced at INR 399 per user per session*
40 min sessions are priced at INR 799 per user per session*

*prices are subject to change

How and when are payments settled?

Payments (commissions) are settled at the end of each month. If you have earned a Base Pay Bonus, that will also be settled along with the commissions. We use direct bank transfers , GPAY, PAYTM, PAYPAL to transfer funds. All settlements will be in INR (Indian Rupee).

Is there a limit to how much I can earn via Smudg?

The more Smudg Sessions you conduct via Smudg, the more income you will generate! We also run a great Cash Rewards program designed to help you earn a base pay over and above the commissions, and grow your business. Contact us at 750-603-1000 or email on to know more.

Will Smudg pay me a minimum amount of money, even if I don’t get any bookings?

We have a Base Pay Bonus program for artists who commit to a minimum number of session bookings with us. Contact us on 750-603-1000 or on to understand how our the program works.

I charge x amount for my classes. Why is Smudg asking me to charge less?

Smudg members are thrilled to get quality beauty advice at a fair price. Based on our research, we have a good understanding of how much users are willing to pay for each type of session. We honour our experts' time and seniority and try our best to reach an optimal price for each session.

Please contact us at 750-603-1000 or to know more about our pricing model and our 'Base Pay Bonus' program!

Data & Privacy

Are my sessions private?

Yes! Each Smudg Session is between a Smudg expert and you, the customer. No one else will be allowed to have access to your session. Neither party will be asked to share any kind of information they don't want to.

Why is there a Smudg moderator on all  the sessions?

Since each Smudg Session is hosted via Smudg, all sessions need to be enabled by a Smudg team member or a moderator. The moderator also makes sure there are no technical glitches during the call and quality of call is maintained. Your privacy is respected at all times by the moderator during the session.

What are your Terms & Policies?

We have very strict data and privacy policies. Please read our Artist Policy and User Policy

Account & Conflict

I have a conflict, how do I solve that with Smudg?

You can get in touch via email or call on our helpline here 750-603-1000 or

Why was my account banned?

It could happen because we have noticed inappropriate behavior, bullying, user complaints or any other rule-breaking conduct on a Smudg session. Smudg does not entertain inappropriate behaviour of any manner.

What if there is a conflict during the session?

You can report any kind of grievances or conflicts during or after the session to the Smudg Moderator. You can ask the Smudg moderator to intervene to resolve the conflict and reach a mutually agreeable decision. For any other complaints contact us on 750-603-1000 or on

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