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Just over a year ago we became fascinated by the idea of providing personalised, answers to every skincare and makeup related question that women and men may have in their day-to-day lives.


What if you could just quickly ask someone a remedy for dark circles or that perfect shade of the foundation, without having to search or research rows of beauty blogs and youtube videos?

What if there was a way to get simple, quick and credible answers to your everyday beauty questions? 


Smudg was started with the intention of making beauty - skincare and makeup - easy, quick and fun for all. While there are many ways to get advice on skincare and makeup off the internet, there is no better way than to directly ask professionals. People who will give you the right advice and exact product recommendations that work just for you, to solve your specific problem.  

We built Smudg to connect you with such amazing skin and makeup professionals. Ask them your questions, learn tips & techniques from them or get recommendations for the best products in market. 


It's just like talking to a friend - a friend with oodles of knowledge and a mission to help you with all your beauty concerns. 

Have a beauty question? Just ask Smudg!

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